Yacht painting

After some years, visible blemishes occur on most boats in the form of scratches, scuffs and matted gelcoat which means that your boat is depreciating in value.

Buying a new boat is a major expense just to experience that "new boat feeling" for a relatively short time, and that's where the finesse of a repaint comes in. At a cost that is often considerably less than the cost of a new boat, you get the pleasure of a "new boat", glossy and shiny, which now also will have a much better UV protection shield than gelcoat and a density that will simplify the spring fitting out for many years to come.

We start with 2 layers of primer for best adhesion and then spraypaint 4 layers of high gloss two pack polyurethane paint. We have boats that still after 10-12 years have retained the same high gloss finish as when they came out of the paint box.

We have painted boats for over 30 years and know how to achieve a perfect result. There are no shortcuts, but can only be achieved through thorough preparation and use of professional techniques and products. We work exclusively with the best products from International , Awlgrip and 3M. We spraypaint in our climate -controlled paint box or on loctation if more appropriate.

What does it cost: Please see our price list for guidance

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